Strategy, Product Design, UX/UI Design

Project goal

Creating brand identity and mobile app


NGO / Foundation


Aidia is a mobile application that brings together the worlds of art and charity in a unique and impactful way. Inspired by the mission of the Purestone Foundation, this project aimed to create a digital platform that not only supports artists but also makes a positive difference in the lives of those in need.


– Collaborative workshops with key stakeholders
– Branding and visual identity
– Creation of user flows
– Production of low and high fidelity wireframes
– Implementation of custom design elements for enhanced user experience
– Application of aesthetic interaction design principles to create visually appealing interfaces


As a company, we were privileged to work with Purestone on a project to foster a community of empathy and compassion. Our vision was to bring artists and charitable ventures together, creating a platform that would increase both creativity and altruism.

Through joint workshops with key stakeholders, we gained invaluable insights and combined our efforts to create the Aidia mobile app. Aidia embodies the spirit of our times, seamlessly translating the traditional fundraising model into the digital realm. Leveraging the power of online auctions, we created a platform where individuals can bid on artwork created by local artists, with proceeds going to benefit children in need.

In developing Aidia, we recognized the importance of an attractive brand identity. We created a distinctive visual identity that not only reflected the essence of the Purestone Foundation, but also resonated with the app’s purpose. The branding served as the basis for creating a seamless and consistent user experience.

To ensure optimal user engagement, we meticulously designed user flows that intuitively and effortlessly guided users through the app. Taking each interaction into account, we sought to create a seamless and engaging experience for both bidders and artists.

Using aesthetic principles of interaction design, we created an interface that not only facilitated smooth navigation, but also presented the artistic essence of the works being auctioned. The visual appeal of the app complemented the main goal, inviting users to participate in an important cause while appreciating artistic expression.

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