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Product Design, UX/UI

Project goal

Creating mobile APP for Travel Management




The main task was to create a product that inspires and manages travel. Travel opportunities have changed, conditions require new approaches. Travellers are looking for communities where they can get help and advice. People want to plan, understand the possibilities, and be confident in every decision and action they take.


– Workshops with key stakeholders
– Creation of user flows
– Production of low and high fidelity wireframes
– Implementing custom design elements to enhance user experience
– Employing aesthetic interaction design principles to create visually appealing interfaces


We designed and implemented a travel community platform, redefining the way individuals engage with travel content. Our platform empowered users to share their experiences, insights, and recommendations for destinations across the globe. By incorporating ratings and tags, we ensured a diverse range of opinions and perspectives were easily accessible to users.

The core strength of our platform lay in its robust communication infrastructure. Users were able to engage in meaningful discussions about various aspects of travel, including destinations, hotels, flights, and reviews. This vibrant exchange of information fostered a thriving community, allowing users to benefit from the collective knowledge and experiences of fellow travellers.

To enhance personalisation and user experience, we introduced collections. This feature enabled users to curate and combine content based on their specific preferences and interests. By granting users the ability to tailor their content consumption, we created a dynamic social network that catered to individual needs and aspirations.

In addition to the traveler-focused features, we developed a dedicated business page within the platform. This allowed travel businesses to establish a strong online presence, interact directly with users, respond to inquiries, and facilitate reservations. The B2B management capabilities streamlined operations and fostered mutually beneficial relationships between businesses and travelers.

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