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Branding, UI/UX,
Product Design, Web Application

Project goal

Create Wave Wood brand, build e-Commerce system


Start-up, retail, furniture


Wave Wood, a dynamic Polish start-up, exemplifies the power of swiftly implementing bold concepts. From inception to launch, the team transformed their initial idea into a reality in just six months. The inspiration for this venture was sparked during a captivating holiday in Lisbon. The product itself is an extraordinary fusion of a meticulously crafted surfboard and a functional wooden furniture piece. With a desire to create an exceptional offering, the co-founders sought to imbue the product with bespoke touches, setting it apart in the market.


– Meetings and workshops with the owners
– Creation of a compelling visual identity through a brand book
– Creation of detailed wireframes and prototypes
– Web app development
– Front-end development


Wave Wood furniture caters to those who cherish the essence of freedom and individuality. Our creative response was to design a visual identity that harmoniously complements the product without overshadowing its inherent beauty. By employing a monochromatic color scheme and a logo that evokes the essence of wood and water, we crafted a concept that serves as an inspirational backdrop. The simplicity of this visual message places the spotlight firmly on the product itself and its organic origin.

Through in-depth meetings and workshops with the visionary owners, we gained a profound understanding of their unique vision and objectives. Leveraging this knowledge, we meticulously crafted a brand book that encapsulated the essence of Wave Wood. The brand book served as a guiding compass for maintaining consistency and fostering a deep connection between the brand and its target audience.

In the wire-framing and prototyping phase, we translated the brand’s vision into tangible user experiences. Carefully considering usability and aesthetics, we crafted intuitive interfaces that allowed users to seamlessly interact with the web app. The web app development phase brought these wireframes to life, ensuring a flawless and engaging user journey.

The front-end development process focused on refining the user interface and optimizing performance. We meticulously implemented the visual identity, paying close attention to detail and ensuring every element aligned with the brand’s ethos. By crafting an immersive and visually stunning user experience, we created a digital space that beautifully showcased the Wave Wood furniture collection.

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